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80s Mysore Bangle


Handmade bangle expertly crafted entirely from 1980s Mysore sandalwood.

Available in two sizes: 16mm and 20mm 

  • There’s something incredibly satisfying about holding these beads in your hand and flipping through them–the feel, the sound, and of course... the scent. Masterfully carved by the Kyara bead gurus of the Chinese Market, they exude an aroma that is every bit as satisfying as the caress of the flawlessly shaped beads in your hand.


    With this 80’s Mysore Bangle, you’ve got access to the finest Mysore sandalwood aroma 24/7. Just take a whiff of the beads straight up for the perfect virgin Mysore experience. The creamy Mysore aura is simply mesmerizing.


    14 x 16 mm beads or 11 x 20 mm beads, masterfully carved from Mysore heartwood harvested in the late 1970s / early 1980s. Use them as worry beads, or wear them as a bangle around your wrist.


    The aromatic quality of true vintage wood and the percision and delicate beauty of premium Chinese craftmanship speak for themselves! If you would like to move beyond the rough edges and sharp, immature scent of mass produced products, this is for you!


    Available sizes: 20 mm (2 cm) & 16 mm (1.6 cm) beads

  • I received the Mysore Bracelet. My first thought... My Oh My! The scent is truly Mysore, unbelievable. The beads are dense and well made. I’m very happy to have it. Any chance I can get one more? (for my other wrist!) – Customer, USA


    I honestly did not expect this to be as fragrant as it is. Craftsmanship is top notch. Beads are smooth heavy and visually enchanting. My wife put it on the other day and loved it. So I guess I will be needing another one! – Chris, USA


    The bangle looks and smells AMAZING. Lots of compliments from friends. Can’t wait to try pairing it with a suit instead of wearing my Omega or Rolex. You can’t buy one of these babies at any upscale shop in NYC! Thanks again, well worth the price and then some! – Dan, USA


    The bangle I received is beautiful. Its scent calms the mind and opens the heart. Soft and subtle when I breathe it in. It has the amazing ability to increase its depth of sweet creamy notes when worn on my wrist. I also find that if I keep it in my top shirt pocket I get soft hints throughout the day that refocus my mind on the one who created it. – Andrew, USA


    These Beads have a Transportive quality. The Heady aroma is predominantly Woody and Creamy Butter with a slight Pharmaceutical Vibe. The radiant notes hint of a smooth tame Musk, a tinier hint of Ambergris, and a Vanilla quality that speaks of White Chocolate. I also get a vague seed kernel note, and I’m reminded of a freshly cut Banana Tree trunk.


    The Santalol starts to take effect, the beads appear drenched with oil, they have a velvety feel and are heavy. Well made, and a Rare Treasure to keep.

    The Chips also have that ‘Mysore Goodness’, but on top of it, is a heavy dose of bright Santalol. I guess the overall surface of the Chips is very much more than the Beads, therefore releasing more Santalol. So do I like them? I love them! – Curt, USA


    Very few people today will get to appreciate the majestic fragrance of Mysore sandalwood. I applaud Ensar's philanthropy in making such synergistic masterpieces of nature and handicraft available to the ordinary person. The subdued, grounding and smooth aesthetic of the substantial beads is mirrored in the scent profile. Fragrance lovers, take this opportunity while you can! – John, UK


    I compared the Mysore bracelet’s aroma to my Baieido, Shoyeido, Daihatsu, and Yamadamatsu chips, and your bracelet is solemnly better. I figure your Mysore chips smell similar to the bracelet so I knew good stuff like this can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. – Curt, USA


    Sure, I’ll spend hundreds, even thousands to chase down a bracelet for $299.50, if I’m lucky! At least I know a treasure when I see one. Vintage Mysore Beads! Wake up and smell the roses people. – Customer, USA


    The bangle is really amazing. The color is really nice the carving certainly looks like the skills of a true master really a beauty and the smell is powerful. I was looking at it for a hour straight and smelling it.  Some times i really get the vibe of a tiger's eye stone when I catch the right bead. – Scott, USA


    So I’ve had my bangle for close to a month now and I have grown quite fond of it. It has a very pleasant scent and I really like the color. – Nikolai, Sweden