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Agarwood Tasbih

  • You might have seen the ‘oud’ tasbihs (or rosaries) that are quite widespread. Well, those have nothing to do with real oud. The wood used isn’t even a subspecies of aquilaria. It’s a completely other kind of wood that somehow got the moniker ‘oud’ along the way and has since duped many an aspiring Sufi into thinking they own an actual agarwood tasbih.


    We continuously get requests for agarwood tasbihs, and specifically for more ‘affordable’ alternatives to the beads carved for the China Market, where a single tasbih will run you into the thousands of dollars. 


    What you’ve got here is pure Maroke agarwood beads, strung into 33 and 99 tasbihs — and they’re the perfect ‘affordable’ option for anyone who wants something unique.


    Whether for monks of sufis, agarwood tasbihs are basically non-existant (if you ignore the fake ‘oud’ ones), and highly sought after. This is your chance to own one. 


    The 33 ‘pocket’ tasbih (12mm beads) is great for everyday use, while the 99 (8mm beads) can double as a bangle rolled around your wrist (strung with elastic, you can easily make it fit snug) or around your neck. And with a lovely ambient aroma, you have to be careful not to pull the tasbih to your nose every few seconds. 

    To make these tasbihs extra unique, they fuse the design of traditional Sufi tasbihs with an Far Eastern easthetic, which includes a unique alif and set of seperators. We’ve tried to make these as accessible as possible so that you can own one of each. Not to mention, a pure oud tasbih makes for one special gift. Plus — it’s Black Friday!