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Black Buffalo Horn Tasbih


Artisanal Buffalo Horn Tasbih

  • You’ve heard me talk about the exquisite artistry and craftsmanship of Turkish tasbih masters in the context of our Tanzanian Sandal Tasbih—opulent olfactory marvels in their own right. 


    Now, I’m privileged to offer resplendent tactual and visual marvels—our Buffalo Horn Tasbihs.


    In Chinese medicine, buffalo horn is highly-regarded, with its stunning pearly appearance, glass-like smoothness, and unmitigated virile energy.


    The perfectly smooth, elliptic, and dazzlingly reflective beads seem jet black at first glance. But upon closer examination, each oval reveals its own subtle, ivory-hewed dash of color that appears harnessed just beneath the gleaming surface like a metaphor of the life force it retains.


    Yet you cannot do justice to this tasbih by taking in the individual beads alone, gratifying as that may be. When laid down on a flat surface the artistry is immediately striking. Its proportions are intriguingly similar to the human form, mirroring its symmetry. In use, the beads are addictively smooth and deferential, recalling perpetual mindfulness of Reality, almost impossible to let go of or put down.


    If you use tasbihs, you know that beauty dances in harmony with remembrance and you’ll appreciate that my words here are not mere hyperbole.


    Still, even if you’re merely a collector, the material, the elegant details of the imam; the dividers; the tassel, and the harmony with which they are all brought together through the skill and dedication of the craftsman make this a compelling epitome of Turkish tasbih artistry.


    For some, a tasbih is little more than a counter, while for others, it's a means to grace, glory, and eternal beauty. If you are in the latter camp, then this is your tasbih!


    We have both 33 and 99 bead tasbihs available. Select your choice from the dropdown menu.