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Chen Xiang Superior


Pure, slow-burning Vietnamese agarwood / oud incense sticks without a wooden core.

  • Handmade by master Taiwanese craftsmen (sifus), Chen Xiang is pure Vietnamese agarwood/oud fashioned with a natural resin into a stick without a wood core or unaccounted for chemicals to get in the way.


    The scent is rich, yet not overbearing, faithfully conveying the resinous depth and subtle vanilla character of fine Vietnamese oud. Despite the astounding difference in quality, these sticks require only a bit more care in handling than the standard wooden skewer affair, yet they are just as easy to burn and will fit into standard incense holders.


    Chen Xiang thus strikes a beautiful balance between exceptional quality and convenience and is a must-have for those who want to meditate, unwind, or simply savor Vietnamese agarwood.


    Number of sticks: 50

    Total weight: ~20 gr 
    Stick length: 20 cm
    Burn time: 30-40 min

  • “The (Chen Xiang Superior) incense is great, smells fantastic and I love it.”  — Ilidio, Portugal

    “As I lighted the oud incense I noted the old wood smell that the sandalwood one also has. I was like ‘Hmmmm... old wood.' and ten seconds later… the kyara smell. Sweet, rum, booze as in many of my finest Japanese ones.”  — Javier, Peru