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Hojari Sacra Select



Hojari Frankincense Oil

Origin: Oman

  • The zesty flavor of premium frankincense oil makes it a go-to ingredient for top Japanese incense companies, who use it as a top note in even their agarwood incenses. Its sweet citrus aroma works wonders when paired with more robust aromas like agarwood, or the creamy butter scent of sandalwood. And obviously, it's a treat to wear solo.


    Great for incense, it’s also therapeutic when applied topically. But more than anything, Hojari Sacra Select is ideal for perfumery purposes, in conjunction with woods and woody chords, and aromatherapy essential oil blends because it punctuates the woody aspects perfectly.

  • The sheer plethora of healing and psychoactive effects packed into these frankincense ‘tears’ has lead to frankincense being dubbed the King of Essential Oil. Its scent is heavenly and unobtrusive, and the ideal daily incense for you home, office, or yoga studio. 


    Frankincense can be heated or chewed like bubble gum. The scent’s aromatherapeutic value is well documented, and its use goes back millennia. Frankincense is the incense of choice in churches and monasteries around the world till this day, and doctors are fervently catching on to its medicinal properties. 


    Medicinally, frankincense can help with skin conditions, bronchial issues, rheumatic, and even urinary qualms. Apply the oil around your eyes to prevent winkles, and use it to treat scars. 


    Thanks to its strong antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, enjoy raw frankincense as enjoy as mouthwash or gum. Its citrusy taste makes it easy to chew or drink. Simply chew on a piece like you would bubble gum or dissolve the gum (or add a drop oil) to your tea or water to benefit directly from its internal health benefits. Same benefits apply to frankincense oil, if not more so.