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Iris Ghalia


Iris Ghalia parfum

  • ‘Ghalia’ traditionally denotes Royalty. Perfume made for kings and caliphs, where no expense is spared. Although I’ve added an Oud Man’s iris-inspired, blue lotus-heavy, drunk-on-too-much-musk twist to this revered tradition, Iris Ghalia lives up to this royal legacy ten times over.


    No expenses spared, months and months of revision, tweaking, and back to the drawing board, the collectible red full-grain Italian calf hide hand-worked by leather sifu Habib Dingle, and all of Earth’s most precious aromatics, bottled.


    The savory sweetness of blackcurrant lavished with violet and peach is tempered by desert spices, vintage bakul attar, carnation, and Himalayan costus root.


    Generous doses of orris butter and iris absolute punctuate each chord that went into the composition, each one uniquely supported by the entire line-up of exalting animal fixatives: deermusk, ambergris, castoreum, civet, hyraceum. Each chord was designed like a movement in a grand symphony, with rare flowers & animalics supporting the irises.


    But the buttery scent of iris wouldn’t be complete—nor the ghalia concept fully realized—without that rare potion olfactory mavens fight over every year come harvest time: blue water lily (aka blue lotus). Including this age-old narcotic works on so many levels, I’m surprised it’s never been done before. Hook up ancient Egypt’s favorite aphrodisiac with the pheromonal oomph of Siberian deer musk, the royal air of vintage Maroke filarias… and you know what to expect!

  • I adore Iris Ghalia ( either gender can wear it ) and EO No1 Parfum ( ladies , get it for your man ASAP, it will be a win win ), but Iris Noir is simply stunning and is in a league of its own. Ensar has outdone himself with this latest edition, it is a masterpiece. It boasts luscious sandal, and its crispy wet notes ( like a fresh morning or an ocean spray ) are just spectacular. Longevity is great as well. I am in awe and feel grateful for being able to experience such exalted perfumery. ❤️ – Светлана, Russia


    I finally got around to trying Iris Ghalia and I must say it’s brilliant. I’m sure you’ve already been flooded with praises for it. The initial blast of blue lotus which pairs perfectly well with iris is the highlight for me. After the dry-down, I’m hit with a luscious peach note that’s reminiscent of vintage Mitsouko. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the animalistics played. To be honest, I assumed since there are so many, they all would attempt to fight for the spotlight. I could go on and on about the beauty of this parfum but again, I’m sure you’ve already heard it.


    Yesterday was my true test. How well does it perform in public? I typically do not wear ouds (with the exception of 1 Chinese oud I purchased a while ago) because most people are not fond of the smell. I decided to spray myself 3 times before heading to work. Risky move but hey, I figured what’s the worst that could happen… (we are structured in an open floor plan with no dividers between seats). By COB, I received a few compliments but most importantly – no complaints! *SCORE* The only other ‘oud’ based parfums that I received similar results with is Roja Parfum’s Tutti Frutti line. Iris Ghalia outperforms all 3 and being that it’s natural is the main reason it takes home the trophy in my book. Total duration about 6 hours on my skin.


    All in all, I’m very glad I decided to pre-order a bottle. In hindsight – I should have purchased two. – Shakita, USA


    I got my Iris Ghalia yesterday and been wearing it ever since. Oh man, this is a real treat. Very different scent profile from what I am used to. On me this is a very narcotic jungle peach tea on a musky and slightly spicy base. Will have to use if further to fully wrap my head around since it is quite complex, but an instant love from me. Very very intriguing and unique.  Peter, Sweden


    Wore it to work yesterday. It is a thing of marvel. It’s not necessary for you to share this, but, man o man is this thing gorgeous, a one of a kind shapeshifter of a scent. It puts off this amazing deer musk/animal kind of scent, which goes a step or two beyond what even the EO 2 parfum is all about. And it shifts into the most refined Iris I have ever smelled. It’s ultra ultra modern and ultra ultra retro at the same time... A masterwork blend of nuance and verve. It’s incredible. – Steve, USA


    Very satisfying head shave this morning, finished off with the latest release from Ensar Oud: Iris Ghalia. It opens with a huge punch of musk that within 5 minutes settles into a gorgeous sweet and floral composition with more notes opening and revealing themselves throughout the day. This is no powder heavy iris, it's something much more complex that will require additional wears for me to really wrap my head around.


    I am totally in love with Iris Ghalia. 


    Picture yourself leaning on rosewood furniture at an Andalusian garden, with fountains, flowers, rare birds, and women laden with gems and precious metals. A feline scent mixed with sea air, as if you are aware the sea isn’t far and there might be a kept pet tiger nearby. Oud is burning in the air, its spring, and musicians charming listeners about distant dreams and familiar lands. The way Iris Ghalia gently introduces itself is like a waft of scent from accidentally opening a door to a forbidden harem. It then gets complex like a geometric piece of music and sets you in this romance space. It has lasting power which keeps those dreams alive. I am so charmed by this perfume.  Jasim, Dubai


    …You are right when you wrote it is less noir then Iris Noir. It Is a lot more light for a lack of a better word. It also got a more generous dose of musk, right? At least my nose picks up initially a similar smell as Sultan Musk Attar. 

    It developed nicely during the day although it did not leave the same trace I like so much with Iris Noir. I actually also dapped myself with a little bit of Iris Noir to compare both during the day. If I had to make a choice which one to bring it would be a tough one. Got to do an experiment to see if I can layer them both so I don’t have to choose. 😁


    No poetic words like Peter and Jasim from me, but agree with both of them—another great composition by Ensar.  Marcel, Singapore


    I’ve received the shipment today and from just two initial sprays of Iris Ghalia, I can say that this is going to be another favorite of mine. The blast of musky funk at the top is awesome, but the dry down is crazy, with the musk and iris and everything in between blending and refracting off of each other, a prismatic effect that is so pungently sweet.


    The interplay between the animalic and the sweet floral is expertly blended, without either one overpowering the other. And when I say sweet, I don’t mean like a candied type of sweet, but a sexy, mysterious sweetness. It can almost be described like the description of Aceh Candan, but instead of saying ‘floral’ and ‘Oud’ you’d say ‘sweet’ and ‘funky’ – in that the sweetness is there, and then it isn’t, and upon further sniffing you realize that the sweetness has always been there, and vice versa, because it really starts off with the funk (the best kind of funk).  Wearing this out in the cold is gonna be amazing.  Steven, USA


    The Iris Ghalia smells incredible! I absolutely love and I am blown away by this scent! It is a very unique and complex scent. I can’t even put into words how great this scent is. I take it that what I see floating around inside the bottle (from Siberia) is a piece of deer musk sack? Love it!  TJ, USA


    Thanks very much for all the lovely perfumes. It’s the first time I have smelled iris and orris and it’s absolutely superb but I still adore E No 1 pure parfum.  Alamgir, UK


    The far, far dry down... exquisite! Pure class.  Steven, USA


    Yesterday was cold and grey and I was a little jet lagged, feeling away from myself. A box from Ensar arrived just before I left work for home. Once home I opened the box. Leather with a clay red tint, a round wood cap. I pushed down on the atomizer and my world was instantly transformed. I was in early spring, a long time ago. I was smelling violets, and tulips, and irises. I started remembering daffodils, and wet earth. And there was this temperature that I remembered… like when you turn the faucet to hot, and put your hand underneath it… And it’s still cold but you can feel the warmth approaching. This scent is the exact moment the water turns from cold to hot. And that’s what the air feels like in early spring, where I grew up at least. There is a wildness to this scent, which gives this sort of power to the iris notes. It’s more of a world than a flower.


    I’d say it captures a longing to be close to nature. Incredible!  Matt, USA


    I was very pleasantly surprised with how well the sweet, floral and musky elements blended together, I was afraid that they might play against each other, but they create a beautiful composition that seems to ebb and flow throughout the mid-phase of the scent life. Dry down is absolutely gorgeous and unlike anything else I currently own. I’m also impressed with the versatility of this fragrance. I can imagine wearing this in all seasons and in many situations. – Stephen, USA


    Now I am sitting veiled in cloud of Iris Ghalia and thinking about your perfumes.


    Ensar's perfumes are like brilliants with many facets. They feel noble when you already put them on your palm and touch the satin red leather skin they are wrapped in.Iris Ghalia has more facets than the previous released ones. It seems more completed and more accomplished. All single notes sing in harmony together and create the inexpressible complex scent. The cloud of fragrance around you is provocative and seducing, calming and refreshing. It whispers many voices. It is sweet and full-bodied lush and still crystal clear in the heart. When I wear it I can see myself under the endless blue sky that gradually changes all shades of soft light blue through darker saturated rich blue tint even to morello cherry hue. My mind opens to spaceless and timeless existence. Is this touch of GHALIA?


    Kind regards my dear friend  Milan, Slovakia


    Iris Ghalia has such a different featured note but overall it’s a nice composition with great longevity.  I put a few sprays on at noon and could still smell at bedtime.  Martin, USA


    Immediately I sensed the Musk – on first spray. Just to make sure it was really Musk I was smelling I checked, with positive confirmation, my benchmark for Musk – the EO No 2 Privée hanging around on my coat. Sprayed on my coat’s right sleeve as you might remember by Sidi Ensar as a parting gift back in October. It is seemingly permanently fixated to the fibres of my coat (everything else evaporated but the musk in that thing is something else when it comes to staying power). This isn’t exactly the same musk right or it isn’t exactly just musk hitting me this early on? The hallmarks of musk are there, but maybe it is the other animal fixatives that are combining to create a unique accord?


    I can definitely pick up on the Blue Lotus and Iris, it’s a heavenly combination! You know my views about Blue Lotus. I think maybe 2hrs in the blackcurrant became prominent – which I love. It reminds me of a cordial drink we have here in the UK called Vimto – I haven’t even come near it in an age so maybe I’m completely off but that Vimto combination of the juices of blackcurrant, raspberries and grapes – always conjures up happy memories of my childhood. Somewhere in the background I can smell the ocean – no doubt from the Ambergris. 


    I just smelt Vimto floating on the ocean for most of the day and now, 11hrs in, I think the blackcurrant is giving way and maybe I’m smelling oud but not sure.


    I’m glad I popped out of hibernation for this.  Ayub, UK


    I’m continually amazed at how Ensar’s fragrances evolve over the course of each wear, poetry in a bottle! – Steve, USA


    I’ve had another wearing of Iris Ghalia and I’m enjoying it a good deal. I love its tenacity. It’s also a smoother and more polished composition than EO1 or EO2 in my opinion. – Martin, USA


    I just tried Iris Ghalia and Thai Tabac samples and wallah I am completely speechless with the beautiful feeling of smelling good. – Afthab, Dubai

    Iris Ghalia greeted my nose with a wave of amazing blackcurrants and tea, that is what stood out the most. I need more time to do a clean test. In the meanwhile, my heart was won over by Iris Noir. – Svetlana, Russia

  it and must have it, as it is mesmerizing and addictive. Peach tea with succulent blackcurrant syrup and a whole orchestra of other magical notes, which are hard to deconstruct. – Svetlana, Russia


    It arrived just half an hour or so ago and, normally, I would leave a perfume to ‘settle’ for up to a week before trying on. I find, with naturals especially, transit tends to ‘disrupt’ some of the intended mechanics and flattens some of the notes. However, sniffing from the vial, and being thoroughly intrigued, I decided on one spritz against my usual nature. I’m caught in a cloud of deeply plush and musky-powdery orris, spices and animalic, earthy, slightly sour beauty. The blue lotus note is absolutely stunning and I’m amazed by how smooth the whole creation is and how everything is incorporated. Can’t wait to try it again in a few days to see how it develops! So far, it’s everything I could have hoped for and more. Thank you. – Steve, USA


    I love the perfume – it’s a stunning scent. It’s something I can comfortably wear every day. – Qamar, UK


    Received Iris Ghalia and I tried it on. I am blown away by this fantastic creation. Absolutely magical. It’s like Sultan Leather Attar on steroids! 😁Many congratulations on creating such a masterpiece. Hope you have some more in stock since I am wanting to have a back up of it. – Raj, USA


    I am loving the new batch of goodies yall have sent my way. The Iris Ghalia is so beautiful! I first wore it on a cold rainy day out here in North Texas, and now every time it rains I crave the scent. It was so shocking at first whif; the medicinal teas, spicy herbals, sleeping animalics and the combonation of sweet, moist and deep blue florals is truly addictive. It is truly a flower and herb garden on a mysteriously cold rainy day in my minds eye forever now.  – J. Benjamin, USA


    I have just received the bottle and I really have to thank you, it is an amazing scent!


    I hope you continue your excellent work to bring happiness to world with these innovations, like Ghalia!  – Hannu, Finland


    I wrote this while wearing Iris Ghalia and listening to Max Richter “On the Nature of Daylight”. Olfaction and aural delight. – SC, USA