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Perfume Sampler


One .3 gram sample vial of Pink Timor, another .3 gram vial of Iris Ghalia, and a final .3 gram sample vial of Blue Kalbar...

  • This sample set brings into reach genuine, natural materials of the rarest kind—musk, agarwood, ambergris—along with some of the best lotus and other floral esseneces, for what is certain to be a cosmic experience at an earthly price.


    Pink Timor—Pink lotus, ever the enchantress, and a replete Mysore sandalwood dance a daringly floral dance to the tune of fine Borneo agarwood.


    Iris GhaliaReal deermusk, ambergris, and agarwood all in one bottle. Can it get better? With the stunnig regalia of iris and the sublime sophistication of blue lotus, yes it can!


    Blue Kalbar—A work of pure grace and beauty, this elixer combines a supple, sweet aged Mysore sandalwood with a stunning, irresistable essence of blue lotus that will leave you speechless.