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Melissa Exquis


Pure Melissa Essential Oil

  • Melissa’s lemon-mint aroma isn’t sharp like lemon or mint. There’s a green leaf-i-ness that mingles with the scent of its flower for a cooling aroma that soothes. You should definitely dab on a drop after work, after a nice shower, when you sit down to just do nothing. The scent is soft-piercing just enough to scramble your thoughts, and yet soothing to let you space out for a few seconds – often, both elements are exactly what need to wind down and let your head change gears. 


    For perfumers, Melissa is an exquisite ingredient that lets you evoke a citrus top chord that isn't overly sharp that'll imbue your perfume with a zesty lemony floral overtone that's elegant and fresh at the same time. 


    More than anything, Melissa is a total mood fragrance. It’s not about studying the scent, to explore how it unfolds or how long it lasts, or even about the ways it treats all sorts of ailments…


    I grow melissa in my garden purely to enjoy its graceful fragrance. A famous writer, I forgot who, remarked how melissa chases away melancholy. I’m sure he, or she, wasn’t even talking about the essential oil. The simple pleasure of stepping outside in the evening and absentmindedly walking into a cloud of delight, your thoughts erased for moment only to let you wonder – not at the scent alone, but a larger feeling the scent triggered in a split second. Distill these leaves and flowers and you’ve captured a concentrate even more potent; certainly powerful enough – beautiful enough – to shake you out of a melancholy mood. 


    So, you don’t need to drink it (although many do) nor do you have to lather it on your skin as a toner (as many do). A simple whiff here and there, a drop on your arm to smell it neat, or a drop in a diffuser works wonders. A drop. Perfect for that split-second reset. 


    Limited Supply.

  • “The beautiful Melissa Exquis.  Wow...that’s all I can say!  I know Melissa very well (aka lemon balm), and this is the most spot-on gorgeous rendition of it I’ve ever smelled.  My, my, has that indescribable fragrance that is so elusive.  It truly does dispel grief and promote happiness.  Pleased to the quote:


    I weave light into words so that

    When your mind holds them

    Your eyes will relinquish their sadness,

    Turn bright, a little brighter, giving to us

    The way a candle does

    To the dark


    – Hafiz”


    – Beverly, USA