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Musc Royale


An authentic Musk attar. Genine Siberian deer musk and 80s Mysore sandalwood and nothing else!

  • Buying musk is like hunting for fool’s gold. These days, they even fake the musk pods. We were in Dubai recently, where a man kept telling us about a musk pod that’s been in their family perfume business for years, as a memento. When he finally showed it to us, it only took one look to break the news to him: even established perfume businesses apparently get taken for a ride. 


    Musc Royale is a classic musk attar: nothing but musk and sandalwood. The Siberian musk was legally obtained, in person, and is infused in vintage Mysore sandalwood from 1984 legally obtained and issued by the Indian government more than thirty years ago. The sandalwood alone is priceless.


    Normally, musk infusion are done at 2-5%. Here you’re getting a full 10% blast of animalic power as it transforms the sandalwood into a heavenly golden aroma. This is ‘Musk’ you have heard about a million times, the musk that perfumers tout and build their entire brands around—the musk that few of them have probably ever smelled. 


    This is natural perfumery in its more primal form. A scent no fragrance lover should be without, and no perfumer can afford not to be intimately familiar with.  Smell Musc Royale, and you know how far all the ‘muscs’ trumpeted by celebrities at the Duty Free have veered from its original, bursting-libido source. Indulge with delight.