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Oud Ehab


Artisanal Oud Oil

  • This one goes out to Sheikh Ehab from The Morning Oud Show. If you’re like him and have a soft spot for ethereal, blue-green, semi-sweet smelling ouds with just a touch of fruit and where woodiness is a must — then this is for you. 


    Oud Ehab is a co-distill that joins two kinds of gyrinops (New Guinea and Sri Lankan walla patta) to capture the oud’s aquamarine cool, and two breeds of crassna: one that rounds off the aroma with a green, guava-fruity glaze, while the other fuses beautifully with the gyrinops – especially in the drydown – for a feast of crisp agar-woodiness. Treat yourself to its oceanic blue-cool imbued with crassna’s (think Basic Kinam) piercing green fortified by a deeply resinous chord that shouts ‘oudy!’


    There’s a phase marked by accessory notes that aren’t quite jammy but as if candied fruit and caramel got baked into a cake. Slightly creamy, with the warm sweetness of frangipani cooled by a breeze of mimosa. You’ll smell this deliciously beautiful fusion of exotic chords during the opening before it makes way for a more somber resin heavy encore where gyrinops clearly take the lead.


    Enter the Papuan drydown. Many consider Papuan drydowns (both Maroke and New Guinea varieties) to be the woodiest of them all. The smell of ambient agarwood, and nothing besides. That this naked resin aroma emerges from the floral fruit spicy fusion that leads up to this point is incredible. For all that to quiet down so seamlessly for you to listen to this Papuan solo is a show of olfactory delight. You almost wish you could smell the drydown right from the beginning…… until you take a fresh swipe and remember what’s in store for your nose in the hours to come! 


    The oil itself is slightly viscous, which stengthens longevity (especially in more humid climates) and highlights a feature you won’t expect: amidst the fruit, the mimosa-esque floral chord riding on the blue-green salty aquatic tone, you’ll smell a vibrant dose of oriental spice. The spice note is rich yet soft; loud enough to compliment the profile and tickle your palate, without overpowering Oud Ehab’s overall oceanic feel. 


    Praising such an olfactory bouquet may seem like I’m guilty of hyperbole – but only until you pop out the applicator and take a whiff. Smelling it yourself, you might even think I downplayed just how layered and rich the aroma really is…


    I encourage you to smell ouds three times the price and see how Oud Ehab holds up. Not only does it hold up, but easily tops ouds touted as ‘higher’ quality. The reason is simple: the grade of agarwood/s used to distill Oud Ehab does the talking. What kind of aloes exactly? The same New Guinea gyrinops that went into crafting Ensar’s Sultan Series, and the same class crassna that created Satori Kensho. And exactly the same quality wood that produced Suriranka Senkoh (Ensar used the selfsame batches, collected and separated during the same time, that would go into making his high-end Sri Lankan ouds.)


    On The Morning Oud Show, Sheikh Ehab represents the everyman. He’s known as a nature-lover, minimalist, and someone who joins between the rebelliousness of the 60s and the wisdom of a Sufi. He doesn’t like fluff and fakery. And so neither does this oud. Smell it. Dig in and discover a full-on blast of O.U.D.