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Raw Oud Resin


Mysterious, dark and sweet, balsamic and incredibly tenacious, pure agarwood resin is an aromatic unto itself. Unique and different to anything we’ve smelled in oud oil.

  • Mysterious, dark and sweet, balsamic and incredibly tenacious, pure agarwood resin is an aromatic unto itself. Unique and different to anything we’ve smelled in oud oil. Or even the oft-touted ‘gently heated’ chips. It is balsam. Sweet, sappy dark gum that oozes a jazzy, snazzy oudiness unlike anything we’ve ever smelled.


    The practice of extracting agarwood resin is widespread in Indonesia. Only caveat: it is never pure. Given the exorbitant cost of naturally resinous agarwood, Indonesian distillers co-extract with an unrelated species locally known as ‘crocodile wood.’ It is cheap, plentiful, and replete with resin. Most of these ‘crocodile wood’ extracts find their way to South Korea, where they’re used as medicine. – I wonder what Korean doctors would say if they could access my pure agarwood resin from the legendary jungles of Cambodia?


    Along with our knowledge of resin and ‘resinous’ oils, there is another, much larger aspect of perfumery that changes today. All of the EDTs, parfums, EDPs, colognes, extraits, will never be the same again. Now, with just 30 ml of ethanol and an atomizer, you have access to the OUDIEST of oud perfumes in existence, right at your fingertips.


    You can make your own EDP with as little as 1% raw agarwood resin, add tiny fractions of your favorite ouds and create the most complete Oud spray experience anyone’s ever dreamt of. To top it off, you might even consider adding a layer of liquid agarwood smoke from some wantonly ‘heated chips’ to add an extra dimension of oudiness to your perfume.


    Who needs other fixatives when pure oud resin is the most tenacious aromatic you could wish for? Rather than ‘couple’ costly oud oils with labdanum or benzoin and pray the chord turns out ‘oudy’ enough, now you’ve got proper agarwood resin to add to your base notes. And you don’t need to worry about it being too grassy, as is the case with vetiver; too ambery or herbaceous, as happens with labdanum and benzoin; or too anything! Instead, what you’ve got here is the fixative of your dreams. A quintessential component of the complete agarwood aroma that, till now, has been totally missing in even the best of oud perfumes.


    1-2% of high-grade artisanal oud oil adds depth and complexity, taking the Oudiness factor to a whole other level. Add the wild Cambodian smoke of Aroha Kyaku to your recipe, and you’ve got a multi-dimensional agarwood profile bursting at the seams with OUD like no one’s ever smelled before.


    The beauty of raw agarwood resin is that it couples perfectly with any species of agarwood, regardless of its Cambodian (aquilaria crassna) origins. I just made a Walla Patta spray with it, coupling it with premium Sri Lankan oud, and it smells astounding!


    If oud oil is timeless and spiritual, raw resin is suave and irresistibly stylish. It adds verve to any blend, cranking up the swank factor a few notches. You’ll have to blend it into your atomizer with some alcohol and oud oil to get the full effect, of course. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you might even add musk grains, ambergris, flowers and spices to suit your style.

  • The resin also blew me away. I can't wait to heat some of it when I get home. I'm also going to add a little of it to my beard oil. – Travis. USA


    This resin is marvelous: my friend Marie liked the wild fruity smell almost as much the higher-end oils! I did as suggested and, as always, overdid it, and threw around 0.2g in 2mL pure alcohol, so she went home with a gorgeous syrup of pure Cambodia heaven! – Danny, Canada


    My oud resin continues to enthrall me as I discover its secrets. I don’t fume it (I know that would be a rabbit-hole I’d never climb out of) so I’m trying to make a base for a special perfume for myself. I was probably too miserly with the amount of resin I crushed into perfumer’s alcohol, but it’s a work in progress that I truly enjoy. I can see I’m going to have to break down and crush a bit more to gain the upper hand. It’s going to be awesome when I perfect it. – Cynthia (Loula), USA


    I’m blown away by the raw oud resin. It’s super heady and deep, I can’t seem to put it down!! A scent equally familiar and mysterious. Just when I think I can pinpoint a single note, the olfactive floor drops out from under me and I fall deeper into its murky depths. Oudy beyond words, truly novel in its beauty! I’m going to have to meditate on this treasure a long time before I “get it” but man is it interesting! – Chris, USA


    Oh inspiration – I have plans and plans for the resin. The world opens. – SS, USA


    I could not resist, I opened the resin... Fruit in vintage liquor, and everything seemed matured in oak barrels!!! With a touch of cognac. Funky smell!!!! – Maksim, Russia


    Gosh – it is like labdanum only richer and better! – Alexander, Italy