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Sultan Leather Attar


When you crave a parfum’s organic allure without the candy-make-it-sweet-please additives...

  • Most of the famous perfume houses have tried their hand at making the ultimate leather frag. Many of them found inspiration in Old English Leather and the Cuir de Russies by Creed & Chanel. Names like Napoleon, Mick Jagger and Errol Flynn top the list of VIPs who used Cuir colognes as their signature scent. So, it’s a longstanding and intimidating tradition to step into.


    These compositions were an inspiration and I wouldn’t even think of trying to one-up any of the master perfumers who’ve been keeping the Cuir heritage alive. My hope here is simply to add to that tradition. Having delved into all the Cuir EDTs, EDPs and colognes I could get my hands on, one thing always made me wonder… There’s one ingredient that could make any leather aroma explode with oomph in a way nothing else comes even close… yet nobody ever used it!


    This is what led to the creation of Sultan Leather Attar. To add an OUD-inspired rendition to the legacy of Old English Leather & Co, and offer perfume lovers the chance to experience just how amazing and exalting a fixative Artisanal Oud can be…


    In SLA, you’ve got Qi Nam Khmer V2 – one of incense-iest Cambodis ever distilled, a 13-years-aged wild Sinensis extract from Hainan, and super rare wild-harvested, seven-years-aged Nagaland oud.


    The oozing sensuality of Sultan Leather Attar is courtesy of the eclectic fusion of these ouds with a boutique of sought-after roses (including Himalayan, Turkish, and Edward rose) with a stellar cast of supporting aromatics (30+ of them). This release features a host of new ingredients that steps up the tops to make the opening richer, spicier and more polished than the previous release.


    I didn’t want to temper down the sensual quality of previous cuir colognes – vintage leather jacket, tobacco chewing heart notes… the sultry allure has always defined cuir perfumes, and that’s why you’ll find bohemian artists and businessmen wearing them alike. Now, add the oud and in Sultan Leather Attar you get tobacco laced leather-come-hither heart notes that flow from its velvet, raw saddle top. You could even have called it Cuir de Charnel because it’s so unapologetically seductive… dab some SLA on your neck one evening and it might just push your mojo into second gear, if you know what I mean. 


    If every new Ward al Taifi that comes out is just too rosy for you, here’s to roughing things up. Or if birch tar and citrus just isn’t your thing. When you crave a parfum’s organic allure without the candy-make-it-sweet-please additives, uncap your bottle of Sultan Leather Attar and sniff yourself some Ahhhh… NOW we’re talkin.


    No matter how talented the perfumer, he or she is only as good as their ingredients allow them to be. My thanks goes out to all those who go to the ends of the world to make it possible for us to work with only the finest ingredients nature has to offer. At the end of the day, this is what really makes Sultan Leather Attar such a decadent Oud Parfum.


    Now, in the spirit of all things Cuir: Women, get it for your man. Men, get it for your woman!

  • Indosso oggi Sultan Leather Attar ed è stupendo, perfezione assoluta!! La miglior pelle che abbia mai sentito, così cremosa, per me è un mix tra misterioso e sensuale, non riesco a smettere di annusarmi il Baccio, magnifico!! – Aldo, Italia


    I absolutely love Sultan Leather Attar, without a doubt one of, if not the purest leather scents I have experienced. Magnificent. – Mark, USA


    The Sultan Leather Attar has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now, since I already have the EO 1 perfume. Of course the scent of the attar is much deeper and richer. Love it!  – Mr. Jackson, USA


    Sultan Leather Attar is so exquisite! By the 6th hour, the powdery notes of the rose and oudh were something I have never experienced. – Rana, UAE


    I should’ve ordered 2 SLA’s because I love it so much and I have been wearing it day and night for months now. I wish I could purchase a larger bottle of it because it is sooo good. I am 100% sure I will be ordering more from Ensar Oud in the near future! – David, USA


    I have now spent a lot of time with Sultan Leather Attar and it is fantastic.  The more I wear it the more I like it and I liked it very much straight out of the gate.  The best leather rose combination I have come across to the extent that the niche leather perfumes in my collection have been made redundant so are in the process of being sold off. – Simon, Australia


    Very sophisticated. I recognize a leathery smell but not any leather I've ever smelled myself. I imagine the skin of a gazelle that has been thoroughly cleaned. I love when I move or when the wind blows because I get a whiff of the smell and it made me smile practically every time. I actually do recognize the rose, and it's a manly rose type. I also smell fruity notes. After a while I get a smokey scent, I guess from the agarwood (never smelled agarwood before so I can't compare). The bottle itself is simple, but it doesn't need to boast and act like it's amazing because it is genuinely great. The glass stick inside is really nice too. I must say one good swipe is enough. I tried two swipes and it was too much. – Cédric, Belgium


    What can I say of a masterpiece, guess what I am packing it in my bag for my umrah trip this weekend. I will be applying it and Sultan Musk attar for my Ihtikaaf at our prophets masjid. – Afthab, Dubai


    I am thinking to get a backup bottle of Sultan Leather Attar. I just can't get enough of it. It probably could be one scent I can live with if I have to. – Raj, USA


    Received the package today and I could not be happier. SLA is a masterpiece, absolutely love it. I feel fortunate to own it and to have come across something as amazing as this. Please do not stop making this. And if it’s going to be discontinued, I will definitely stock up. I keep sniffing it n. – Naushad, USA


    Sultan Leather is a stunnning attar! – Ivan, Bulgaria


    The best Cuir de Russie leather I’ve ever encountered lies at the heart of this fragrance which is far more like a vintage perfume than an oud. Prismatic and a shape-shifter, its sexy, multi-faceted leather is surrounded by lush, jammy roses, crisp bergamot, chypre greenness, rich spices, ambered resins, oakmoss, vetiver, patchouli, frankincense, and a quartet of rare, expensive ouds. The latter add to the beautifully smooth leather but, above all else, they exude dark musks which replicate the sense of rich furs laced with their owner’s scent, something like the sultry base of the oldest versions of Shalimar and Bal à Versailles vintage parfums… click for full review. – Kafkaesque ‘Best of 2017’


    I just ordered the Sultan Leather Attar. For all of my adult life, I have not happily worn anyone else’s scent other than my own formulas and Ensar’s various ouds. The Sultan Leather Attar is proof to me that the sublime is attainable. I know I cannot make something as lovely – I am old now and my sense of smell is not as sharp as it was. The sheer delight of this mukhallat pleases me so much… it’s surprising = I never wear rose. – SS, USA


    My friend, you have a knack not only for attars but also for leather. A big bravo to you for the very best Cuir de Russie leather I’ve ever encountered. – Kafkaesque, USA


    Who knew leather could waft so beautifully? – Linh, USA


    I have fallen in love with Sultan Leather Attar. What a sexy scent! I am a male to wear this and I think it is very masculine and can be sexy feminine as well. Miraculous perfume. – Jens, Denmark


    That Sultan Leather Attar is spectacular! Immediate impressions were leather, vetiver, citrus, possibly juniper and oakmoss, and some subtle florals. Then about ten minutes in, the smoke and incense came in… wow. Breathtaking! The dry down is still wonderfully leather, but is soft and round.


    My initial thought is “Go for 6 bottles!”… but I want to give this a second wear tomorrow. I foolishly decided to do some gardening and got totally covered with dirt and had to wash up… surely washing way some of the delicious parfum. Even so, it is still going strong 6 hours later! That said… if I were to decide to go for 6 bottles, would there possibly be a bump (down) in addition to the promotion?

    The Sultan Leather Attar is definitely reminding me of something from my vintage leather parfum collection, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’ll set my fresh nose on those bottles in the morning and see if I can’t figure it out, and I’ll be sure to report back. – Heidi, USA


    I feel much better! Thanks brother! No doubt a good Hindi helps but I had the great fortune of early DHL delivery of the Sultan Leather Attar. DAAAAAAANNNNNGGGGGGGG!!

    Wow is this gorgeous!! There is something in this oil so uniquely appealing I can’t stop sniffing my wrist. I have been nearly a 100% oud guy for a long time but this fragrance will definitely give my ouds a much needed break. There are some aspects so hauntingly beautiful. Hard to put your finger on them. – Phil, USA


    When I first got the bottle in the mail, I did what everyone does, I smelled the edge of the top. It smelled like none of Ensar’s prior creations, it wasn’t his normal clean, simple perfumes that seem to have a clear trajectory when you smell them. This one was odd. It would smell like vanilla one moment, leather one moment, sweet tobacco, rose, kinam, Russian forest, with some strange underlying sensuality vibe. All swirling around. It is a very male scent. It is not un-apologetically male, like Dhul Q, mansplaining to his friends while he takes up two seats on the subway with his Putin stance. This one is a little more reserved, less denim and more Italian fabric. Like George Clooney before he fled Europe and ran back to Los Angeles.

    First impressions when wearing it: My grandfather shaving. Was it old spice or English leather that he used for aftershave? It’s a blur. Then some irresistible note soon follows… is that Kinam? I think to myself when I smell this note ‘Wow he’s really going all out on this one if he put Kinam in there.’ My guess is the Sinensis does have some Kinam notes. Soon after that, it smells like the best root beer float you’ve ever had in your life. Not like A+W root beer, but more like some Whole Foods hippy sarsaparilla thing that costs as much as microbrew beer. With a vanilla note that makes Jungle Kinam extremely jealous. This lasts for about an hour or two and combines with a lovely blond tobacco note. I would imagine if it was on your neck, your lady fren would wish to nibble on it. This then finally settles into a powdery rose/iris/vetiver/vanilla/je ne sais quoi of tobacco and sarsaparilla and others. I kept waiting for a pepper note from the Archipelago LTD, but perhaps that note is muted in this version that was used. I also kept waiting for the leather but it must be a really mellow effect since I was waiting for the leather tannery smell like Cambodi X, but it was not forthcoming. It is not a sharp smelling fragrance, with mostly low powdery notes. Projection is medium. You don’t get noticed across the room, but anyone standing next to you will eventually wonder what that intoxicating smell is. There is no way they could tune it out, it is beguiling. The tenacity however is -extremely- strong, and I could smell it on my hand after a few showers, and a shirt I had worn smelled quite noticeably like it a few days later. In this regard, it is way above average. I have worn the original rose attar on a different part of my arm the next day, and the leather rose attar was stronger smelling at around the 10-hour mark, even though it had been applied a full day earlier. The Sultan Leather Attar unravels as a fragrance really nicely, it resembles the original swipe the whole time, and has no sour or fermented or wet BBQ smell that can happen with some ouds when they unravel.

    The leather attar won nothing but praise from the ladies at work, they even said I should wear this full time and stop wearing oud (sneaky sneaky, not gonna work). Ensar is realllllllllly good at making frags, and it’s a shame Kafka and Turin et al have not spent any time reviewing them. I think Adam should send Kafka a nice sample pack with the twis v-vial size with just Ensar’s perfumes, I’ll help pay the expense, just to see what he thinks. I would love his take on them. Anyone else like that idea?

    Most purchases I get from Ensar I just think ‘oh cool’ and add it into the rotation without thinking about it. This Sultan Leather Attar I have been wearing every day for a few days now, trying to understand it, it is an enigma/shapeshifter. SLA takes it right to the edge of being too complicated a smell, but manages not to cross the line. It’s certainly the most complicated perfume Ensar has made to date. Due to its amazing persistence, you can wear less and less every day and have the same effect due to carryover. I really appreciate Ensar trying to make this, and hope we get some more cologne type frags in the future! – Mark, USA


    I just had another quick sniff of the SLA and it just clicked that there’s something akin to Jungle Kinam in there! I think this scent is going to unfold very slowly... very complex and subtle... but at the same time very bold and extroverted when you first open the bottle. 


    Also I should add that both with this and Thai Tabac I didn’t expect any overt sweetness at all – probably due to the ‘leather’ and ‘tobacco.’ However both have ‘sweet’ notes that can’t be placed. All in all a superb formula! – Asrar, UK


    This needs time and patience. I am already pushing my receptors. It’s old school stuff. The thick base reminiscent of 1950s perfumes with authentic ingredients. – Nikhil, India


    Splendid. Seductive masculine scent. I get Oud in the background. Juicy amber. Heavenly musk from this. And the elusive floral whiffs are teasing me. Still cannot comprehend this clearly. I will choose to simply soak in all the brilliance and keep my brain quiet for today. This is one of the best attars I ve put my nose on. Royal and exclusive. Ensar Bhai has a winner yet again. – Nikhil, India


    I have fallen in Love with both Sultan Leather Attar and Oud Haroon. Somehow they both have adjusted to me. Like they’re alive and intelligently adjust to me and highlight the tones that I like. Especially the SLA! Really fascinating to me how this can be. Every time I wear it it’s more and more suitable to me. And on my wife it smells really different. Much more floral and light and easy. She enjoys it more on her. Again, showing its ‘intellect’ by adjusting itself to the person wearing it. Like a chameleon changing color according to its mood and the situation.

    This is my first ‘leather’ perfume so I can’t compare to others, but if my leather items smelled like this then I’d wear nothing but leather all year round! I do pick up some deep and strong notes in the opening along with the sensual florals mixed with some bitter heady notes. The scent its so complex it’s hard to put my finger on it.

    The opening last about 30 minutes to an hour but even so within the opening there are various acts. And it gets more and more powdery and musky. After the opening I get strong vanilla and spices… Iike a cup of yogi tea mixed with vanilla sugar. But there are so many notes that play around and when I reach my wrist to smell again it’s something else again. Liquorice, star anise, myrrh. The various ouds present themselves with their signatures but are clearly present the entire ride.

    1.5-2 hours in, Greek monks arrive and fumigate me with their Orthodox church incense. Flower and frankincense with sugary powder and sexy rose… This lasts the longest and stays for many many hours. But with variations and different highlights and stories.

    I would say this is an olfactory adventure that transforms itself again and again, but always retaining the backbone of oud and roses. What a ride! – Sigmund, Germany


    I have found myself wearing this oil daily since I got it. It is extremely classy. Kind of makes you feel like James Bond, but only Sean Connery, not so much the other actors. There is an alluring complexity without being just a complex scent which tempts you to keep sniffing to figure out what is really going on. A masterfully done rose/leather attar. – Phil, USA


    Reminds me of those old English scents that were around when I was growing up. Thank you for bringing those memories back! – Patricia, USA


    It made me feel rich. – Rai, India


    Man, your perfumes continue to seriously surprise me! Borneo Zen and now this. It reminds me a bit of a discontinued Creed called Acier Aluminium (one of their best vintage scents), but an attar version of that. With much better ingredients and a lovely amped up smooth leather note. My wife took immediate notice of this, asking in an almost shocked tone "wow, what is THAT?!?" when I walked past her. Thank you for the gift. It will be well used and I will make sure to use this compliment-getter to spread the word of Ensar Oud! – Adam, USA