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Tan Xiang Supreme


Pure, slow-burning 1970’s vintage Mysore sandalwood incense sticks without a wooden core.

  • If you’re looking for a convenient way to savor the buttery sweetness of 70’s vintage Mysore sandalwood, then look no further.


    Tan Xiang Supreme captures the soothing delight of Mysore sandalwood and delivers it to you without artificial additives or a smoky wood core. These incense sticks are hand-crafted by sifus (masters) in Taiwan and are composed of pure Mysore sandalwood and a natural resin from local trees.


    The result is an exquisite natural incense that is very close to the scent of burning sandalwood chips yet much more convenient.


    Tan Xiang Supreme is perfect for meditation, relaxing on a Sunday afternoon, or for simply enjoying fine sandalwood.


    Number of sticks: 50

    Total weight: ~20 gr 
    Stick length: 20 cm
    Burn time: 30-40 min